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Looking to capture your your art and signature sound? The Stude caters to clients internationally and locally using its "state of the art" facility. Contact us today to discuss your project!


The Stude provides audio engineering services for recording in its facility with service on both analog and digital recording equipment. Our highly qualified and skilled team ensures that the recording process is seamless, so the artist can focus on his/her craft. In addition to customary recording techniques, we are constantly researching to keep up with today’s latest advancements in recording technique and technology.


Our variety of mixing services include Multitrack Mixing, 5.1-7.1 Surround Sound Mixing, and Mixing for Film. Our team has experience with multiple genres and mixing styles and prides itself on an array of mixing techniques - both contemporary and retro.


The Stude has the tools necessary to finalize audio content (music, film, etc.) in its final stage of processing. In this final stage, the audio is “sweetened” and its quality is maximized for the medium in which it will be distributed. We work meticulously to ensure that the final product is competitive with the industry standard.


We have a talented team of musicians and music enthusiasts to help oversee and manage the recording, mixing, and production process. The team can be involved in the creative process, such as helping in preproduction and coaching the artist or musician during recording sessions, or the team can take a non-creative role and simply provide structure to the project by helping with tasks such as assisting in creating a budget or schedule.

Remote Recording

The Stude's remote recording rig can record up to 32 tracks simultaneously, in addition to a stereo recording of crowd/ambient noise. In this scenario, the individual audio streams are intercepted at the mixing desk and stored in a digital format. These individual streams provide maximum flexibility in recreating a mix at a later time in either stereo, or surround-sound formats. TwentyFiveEight’s Video Production Services and The Stude's audio capabilities provide the ability to capture full length concerts, performances, seminars, etc. on site!

Media Restoration

The Stude has machines capable of playing a variety of mediums, such as records, cassettes, ADATS, and reel-to-reel tapes. These various mediums can be converted to digital formats so they can be preserved. Once the audio is transferred, it can be treated to reduce any imperfections that may exist. (The Stude has the capacity to correct imperfections in audio recordings such as loud background noises, distortion, clicks, crackles, pops, and hiss.)

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