Audio Transfer

The Stude has machines capable of playing a variety of mediums, such as records, cassettes, and reel-to-reel tapes.  These various mediums can be converted to digital formats so they can be preserved.  This service pairs well with our Audio Restoration Service.  Once the audio is transferred, it can be treated to reduce any imperfections that may exist.  Additionally, the audio can be digitally re-mastered (with our Mastering Service) so it appeals to a more “modern” audience.

Audio Restoration
The Stude has the capacity to correct imperfections in audio recordings such as loud background noises, distortion, clicks, crackles, pops, and/or hiss. (The Audio Restoration Services are a good complement to the Audio Transfer and Mastering Services.)


  • In an interview, sometimes background noises are louder than the interviewee.  With audio restoration, the background noises can be tamed so that they are not a distraction to the interview itself.

  • Old records and tapes inherently contain pops, crackles, and hiss.  Audio restoration helps minimize these imperfections to make the content, rather than the imperfections of the medium, the primary focus.


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